The PANACEA (SEL-351P) is a recloser control and protection device, used to operate the GVR Recloser. It can be programmed to include up to four reclosers with different dead times.


An auxiliary supply is required to power the Panacea (SEL-351P), from either a voltage transformer connected to the overhead HV lines or another similar voltage source. The auxiliary supply is used to power the Panacea (SEL-351P) under normal conditions.

However, should the supply be lost, then the Panacea (SEL-351P) automatically switches over to a rechargeable battery. This powers the Panacea (SEL-351P) until the battery capacity drops to a preset threshold, when the Panacea (SEL-351P) puts itself to sleep.

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 Trips to lockout

1 to 4

 Dead times (S)

0.25* to 180

 Reclaim time (S)

5 to 180

 Curves (t>)

IEC 255 (IDMTL, VIDMTL, EIDMTL) & McGraw Edison

 Inst. I>> (xln)

1-30 times

 CT Ratio

400:1 or 250:1

 I> (xln)

0.1 to 3.2

 Io> (xln)

0.005 to 3.2


0.005 to 1.5

* 0.25 for 1st dead time,
   0.75 minimum for 2nd or 3rd dead times in sequence


Used in conjunction with our GVR Recloser or GVS Sectionaliser.

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