The Polarr is the standard relay package for the GVR and offers full auto-reclose protection and control functionality. The low power, microprocessor architecture of the Polarr is unique to the power industry.


Its design has been perfected over several years and offers the user significant benefits:

  • The long life lithium batteries eliminates the need for an auxiliary supply.

  • Offers several advanced auto-reclosing functions in a comprehensive but cost effective package.

  • Housed in an IP56 sealed control box, the Polarr is protected against the harshest of environments and kept condensation-free in an even internal temperature.

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 Trips to lockout

1 to 4

 Dead times (S)

0.25 to 180

 Reclaim time (S)

5 to 180

 Curves (t>)

IEC 255 (IDMTL, VIDMTL, EIDMTL) & McGraw Edison

 Inst. I>> (xln)

1-20 times

 CT Ratio

300 / 200 / 100

 I> (xln)

0.2 to 3.2

 Io> (xln)

0.1 to 1.6


0.01 to 1.16



Used in conjunction with our GVR Recloser or GVS Sectionaliser

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