Mitre ATR

The MITRE-ATR is designed for housing within the ‘LV’ control-compartment of the Switchgear. It can be connected to the secondary equipment in the cubicle by standard terminal strips provided with plug-in terminals.


The Mitre ATR is supplied with our NDC Lightning Range

  • Impedance Protection
  • Undervoltage (UV) Protection
  • Current Transducer Compare
  • Track Alive/Track Not Alive Indication
  • Event Recorder
  • Close Onto Fault Protection
  • Local Operation (User Interface)

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The Mitre ATR is a multifunction, digital-protection device for DC Switchgear equipment. The Network Rail Specific Version of the Mitre ATR has impedence Protection Functions, which have been developed in accordance with Network Rail requirements and are compatible with Network Rail specification NR/SP/ ELP/21024.

The Mitre ATR’s protection, control and monitoring functions, together with the general configuration can easily be adapted to the requirements using the local operating panel.

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