GVS Sectionaliser

Part of the award winning GVR family, the GVS Sectionaliser combines the high reliability of vacuum interruption with the controlled environment and high dielectric strength of SF6, in a compact, maintenance-free unit. Since SF6 is only used as insulation, there is no health hazard from toxic by-products of arcing.

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GVS Sectionaliser


Utilising the superior, proven Fit & Forget technology with minimal maintenance, the GVS offers a consistent performance and a dramatic reduction in moving parts.

The unit can be upgraded to a full auto-reclosing circuit breaker.

Options available are:

GVS-W: Switch Sectionaliser
GVS-C: Current Sectionaliser (Radial Feeder)
GVS-V: Voltage Sectionaliser (Loop Feeders)
GVS-CV: Current / Voltage Sectionaliser (Radial or Loop Feeders)

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