Hawkgas 36 Indoor & Outdoor

Although this product range is now obsolete from full manufacture, we pride ourselves on having the ability to provide a full spares, service & repair service for all Hawker Siddeley Switchgear heritage products.

Current outdoor 36kV equipment offered by our main contracting section is the Horizon .



We can offer a range of spares for the Hawkgas 36 Ranges to meet your requirements, including:

  • Trip Coils
  • Release Coils
  • Aux. Circuit Fuses

Tools Available

Tools available include:

Hawkgas 36 Indoor

  • SF6 Gas Topping Up Kit
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Operating Handles
  • SF6 Leak Seeker
  • Jumper Box

Hawkgas 36 Outdoor

  • Pressure Gauge
  • SF6 Gas Topping Up Kit

All enquiries should be forwarded to the Spares Department at spares@hss-ltd.com or click here to request a quote.

Alternatively click on “Key Contacts” and speak to one of our sexperienced ales team.

Hawkgas 36 Indoor Mod Kits Available

Corona Rings

Some environments can cause discharge problems on the circuit breaker bushings. To alleviate this problem on pre-1990 units, the corona ring assembly was revised.

VT Fuses

A new assembly of VT primary fuse mounting was introduced in the year 2000. This is a considerable improvement on earlier assemblies and prevents the possibility of the primary fuses becoming disengaged upon removal of the VT. It is recommended all pre 2000 units have the new assembly fitted.

Trip Spring

All pre 1996 units should have revised opening spring arrangement, to remove potential for circuit breaker malfunction.

Hawkgas 36 Outdoor
At present there are no Mod Kits available for this type of equipment.



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