AH Circuit Breaker & AK Contactor Range

The AK & AH product range is now obsolete, future support for the product range will be provided by ourselves only, and we will provide both spares and service.



We can offer a range of spares for the AH & AK Range of switchgear to meet your requirements, including:

  • Fixed and Moving Contacts
  • Isolating Contacts
  • Closing Coils
  • Shunt Trip Coils
  • Under Voltage Coils
  • Various Springs

Tools Available

Tools available include:

  • Withdrawing Handle
  • Earth Switch Operating Handle
  • Closing Handle
  • Isolating Handle
  • Earth Selector Handle
  • Steering Dolly

All enquiries should be forwarded to the Spares Department at spares@hss-ltd.com or click here to request a quote.

Alternatively click on “Key Contacts” and speak to one of our experienced sales team.



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