SafeBond - Coming Soon

SafeBond integrates the feeder circuit breaker function and the remote bonding function into one standard panel footprint, a big advantage in floor space saving, civil engineering, cabling and operational safety.

SafeBond incorporates the NDC high speed, unidirectional circuit breaker to carry out the making and breaking of all load and fault currents, whilst an “off-load” motorised two position disconnector selects the circuit.

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SafeBond - Coming Soon


  • Same footprint as standard Lightning panel – 450mm x 1526
  • Feeder circuit breaker and bonding functions integral to one panel
  • Fully rated, type tested and proven NDC circuit breaker does the making and breaking
  • Proven ‘off-load’ 2 position disconnector selects the circuit
  • Disconnector in positive position – Feeder circuit breaker function
  • Disconnector in negative position – negative bonding function
  • Electrical control/interlocking schemes to suit customer requirements
  • SCADA Remote control of complete unit as standard
  • No additional civil engineering/cabling costs
  • No additional outdoor housing costs

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