Lightning NDCD

Following the successful launch of the Lightning DC switchgear product, we have extended the DC product range with the introduction of a DC disconnector solution for DC traction applications - the Lightning NDCD off-load disconnector.

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Lightning NDCD


Offered in a range of current ratings, this new DC disconnector can be incorporated within the Lightning DC switchboard, or supplied loose within free-standing or wall mounting enclosure(s). Available in both 2-position (on/off) and 3-position (changeover) options, the NDCD utilises the superior technology used in the NDC circuit breaker, addressing the number of problematic factors associated with past DC isolators.

  • Specifically designed for DC applications, rather than converting an existing AC isolator
  • Compact design
  • Can be configured either as an isolator or as a changeover switch
  • Very low resistance – typically 5 µΩ for entire switch
  • Ability to withstand very high short circuit currents (It has been tested up to 183kA)
  • Big isolating gap
  • Can be manually or motor driven, or both
  • Available as component or mounted in enclosure

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