Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd (HSS), a major global player in the design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor switchgear, is proud to unveil its new SWR 12 retrofit Circuit Breaker, which will breathe new life into its existing range of oil and gas insulated switchgear.

The South Wales Retrofit (SWR) 12 Circuit Breaker, designed to dramatically increase the life expectancy of the HG12 gas circuit breaker and the South Wales Switchgear ‘C’ and ‘D’ range of oil circuit breakers, boasts the latest in switchgear design technology, thanks to HSS’s award-winning magnetic actuator.

Steve Dymond, HSS’ Sales and Marketing Director says: “Although we are immensely proud of our existing range of oil and gas insulated switchgear, which, up to fifty years on, still meets the demands of an ever changing network, we’re equally delighted to be able to offer our customers a quick, easy, hi-tech ‘face lift’ in the form of the SWR 12 Circuit Breaker.”

Steve Dymond continues: “The SWR 12 Circuit Breaker will extend the life of customers installed equipment while providing the opportunity to add greater functionality to the existing system, the SWR 12 Circuit Breaker can be fitted into existing switchboards without the need for panel modification or civil works. Its use of HSS’ patented ‘Fit and Forget’ magnetic actuator technology also means that it requires virtually no maintenance, which saves on costs.”  

As an air insulated circuit breaker, the SWR 12 Circuit Breaker also removes the need for oil, or the SF6 ‘greenhouse’ gas, making it a greener and safer retrofit solution.

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Notes for Editors

The SWR 12 is an OEM designed retrofit circuit breaker for both the South Wales Switchgear ‘C’ and ‘D’ range oil circuit breakers and the HG12 gas circuit breaker, to IEC 62271 – 100. 



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