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SWR12 retrofit solution

Hawker Siddeley Switchgear (HSS) is proud of its heritage in the ‘C and D’ range of switchgear, which continue to work at the highest standards today. However, understanding customers changing needs and the technological advances available today, has allowed HSS to improve further and offer customers a retrofit solution that boasts the patented magnetic actuator technology with vacuum interrupters, along with removing the need for SF6 gas.


The project was to retrofit 4 C4X switchboards (totalling 30 panels) for Western Power Distribution. The solution was simple - introducing the SWR12 Retrofit Circuit Breaker.

The SWR12 Circuit Breaker offers Western Power Distribution a new lease of life for their existing C4X switchgear - reducing maintenance and operating costs, decreasing down time, and most importantly improving the systems reliability and operator’s safety. This is all achieved by offering one of the most advanced operating mechanisms available, the superior, proven ‘Fit & Forget’ technology with minimal maintenance, whilst removing the need for any panel modification. Thus resulting in one of the most cost-effective and reliable retrofit solutions in today’s market.

HSS are proud to have successfully introduced their latest ‘Fit & Forget’ product to the retrofit market, and look forward to continue leading the way in ground-breaking retrofit switchgear solutions.

For more information on the SWR12 please click here.


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