Incident Reporting Process

At Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd we value our customers and request that they report any issues or incidents that may have affected our product or our service supplied to our customers.

The reporting process could not be easier, by using any one of the following user-friendly options: 

1. Completing the online Incident Reporting Form.
2. This form can also be downloaded and faxed to us on +44 (0)1495 331177. 
3. Telephone one of the following numbers and ask to speak to a member of the Customer Support Team:

+44 (0) 1495 223001
+44 (0) 1495 331175

4. Call our 24 Hour Support line:- 00800 42426666

Once the Incident Report has been received, the Customer Support Team will ensure that it is logged in the company Incident Management Database and the following procedure adhered to:

  1. A member of the Customer Support Team will issue each incident with its own unique incident number, e.g. C01234.

  2. At this early stage, it may be deemed necessary to call a CRM (Customer Response Meeting). This meeting is called in order to provide a prompt response to the customer that may be in distress. This meeting can be called by the Customer Support Team or any member of the Executive Team.  If you are called to a CRM, attendance is mandatory.

  3. The member of the team handling the incident must then reply to the customer within 24 hours with a response on how the incident is being managed, providing the customer with the incidents own unique ID number.

  4. This unique number provides traceability at any time if you wish to contact the Customer Support Team and enquire on the progress of the incident.

  5. During this initial contact, the customer will be provided with a progress report and a forecast of how quickly the incident can be closed down.

  6. Depending on the severity of the incident it may be necessary for an action plan to be put in place.  If an action plan is required, then it must be submitted to the customer within 5 working days of the incident receipt for the customer’s agreement and approval.


It is the objective of Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd to ensure that all our customers receive a first class product and a second to none After Sales Service, with the Customer Support Team keeping each customer informed of the incidents progress at all times.

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