Benefits of Retrofitting Switchgear

Retrofitting is particularly attractive to organisations with a large volume of ageing installed equipment and where asset replacement budgets are limited. A major attraction of retrofitting is the elimination of the need for disruptive re-cabling and no requirement for civils, transformer or cabling works.

Retrofitting switchgear can extend the life expectancy of current assets by 30 years, dependent on the switchgear panel’s condition, whilst offering minimal disruption. For a straightforward retrofit circuit breaker option, site times can be very short, perhaps even less than one day per circuit.

A typical retrofit solution involves the replacement of old circuit breakers with modern vacuum circuit breakers.

The benefits of retrofitting switchgear are:

  • Maintains the fully certified rating of the combined replacement circuit breaker /existing switchgear
  • Considerable life extension to your original switchgear
  • Provision of a very low maintenance circuit breaker with few consumable spares
  • Long term minimum cost of ownership
  • Proven reliability of replacement circuit breaker
  • Provision of a cost-effective method for the removal of bulk oil products
  • No expensive civil works or HV cable disruptions required
  • Remove the need for high capacity/high maintenance auxiliary power supplies
  • Provision of circuit breakers with electrical trip/close facility
  • Improvement of Health & Safety by removal of Oil or SF6 gas
  • Lower owner costs through virtually no maintenance requirements
  • Uses existing design of primary and automatic secondary contacts

As OEM of Brush Switchgear and South Wales Switchgear, Hawker Siddeley Switchgear offer retrofit solutions for VSI and VMV range of Brush Switchgear and C & D Range and HawkGas12 South Wales Switchgear circuit breakers.

All our retrofit solutions are fitted with our award winning, patented magnetic actuator.

Our patented, single coil magnetic actuator and electromagnetic spring innovations have been widely acclaimed, ground-breaking developments, which have provided Hawker Siddeley Switchgear with a world leading edge in circuit breaker technology.

Independently recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the prestigious Queen’s Award for engineering excellence, the actuator coil is energised in one direction to 'power close' the circuit breaker and in the opposite direction to open it by de-latching the holding force.  This unique feature of the actuator design is used in our 'Fit & Forget' range of products and ensures reliable tripping operation under all battery conditions and even for manual trip.

The benefits of this are:

  • Patented single coil design;
  • Minimal moving parts;
  • Bi-stable with pulsed coil to operate;
  • High strength rare earth magnets;
  • Opening energy stored during closing;
  • Tripping performance independent of supply voltage;
  • Over 30,000 in service.

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