We are immensely proud of our heritage which can be traced back over 125 years to when Charles Francis Brush established the Brush Electrical Engineering Company at Falcon Works in Loughborough in 1888.

Since then, incorporating world renowned switchgear brands such as South Wales Switchgear, Brush Switchgear and Whipp & Bourne, Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd has evolved into the global switchgear company that it is today.

Since 1941 we have been located in the town of Blackwood in the South Wales Valleys and incorporate our Technology centre in Falcon Works in Loughborough - where the original Brush Electrical Engineering company was born.

The success of our background and the original companies can not be ignored - rooted in their ability to pioneer ground-breaking technologies and introduce state-of-the-art developments, and it is this tradition and integrity that we continue to build on well into the 21st Century.


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