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Sulphur Hexaflouride (SF6) Gas

HSS as an OEM and on-site service provider is very experienced in the handling and use of SF6 gas as an arc control and insulating medium in switchgear.

SF6 gas, being a green house gas, has strict emission control requirements, with all personnel involved in its use i.e. disposal, processing, gassing, de-gassing & topping up activity, being required to be trained and certified in accordance with F gas regulations.

SF6 gas is odourless, tasteless and non-poisonous in its purest state. It is however heavier than air and as such will become an asphxyiante. In addition, when subjected to electrical arcing, SF6 gas produces by-product contaminants which are carcinogenic.

To comply with current legislation and to minimise these hazards down to effective zero, all HSS staff involved with SF6 gas handling are trained / certified in accordance with F gas regulations, issued with appropriate PPE and work to strict procedures developed for the handling of potentially contaminated SF6 gas filled switchgear.

The processing of switchgear, for either maintenance or disposal purposes, can be carried out either in a ‘clean’ room at our Aftermarket Service Centre in Blackwood, or, as our specialist gas handling equipment is portable, at the customers site.

Potentially contaminated switchgear is only opened under strictly controlled conditions by operators correctly protected and using breathing apparatus. Any carcogenic by products produced by electrical arcing are neutralised before the switchgear is released for maintenance work or disposal.

Once maintenance work is complete, the switchgear is re-sealed and re-gassed to OEM specifications.

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