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Provision of 'Senior Authorised Person' (SAP)

Health and Safety has quite rightly become the most dominant factor with regards to site work. That is why all Hawker Siddeley Switchgear (HSS) safety procedures are prefaced with: "SAFETY TAKES PROCEDENCE OVER EVERYTHING"

HSS is aware that it cannot control its site staff work environment, but it can control the quality of training its site staff receive to ensure that "best practice" is observed on all sites irrespective of the environment.

Apart from academic qualifications, in house training and experience of sites and networks, site staff undertake a rigorous five day training course with a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to ensure that they are adequately trained. Site staff are either categorised as "Competent" or "Senior Authorised". Authorisation cards are carried by all site staff to verify their status.

All site work with live or potentially live equipment is controlled by strict procedures. HSS, in setting up its safety system, is very conscious that with the changing structures of many companies, SAP’s are no longer available to issue "Permits to Work" on MV & HV systems although the legal requirement to do so still exists.

HSS can provide you with an SAP to issue safety documentation and generally take control of your electrical network for switching purposes. As part of the undertaking, HSS will issue documentation to third parties (other contractors) provided they come under the general site jurisdiction.

All HSS safety documentation, which includes, Permits to Work, Switching Schedules etc is logged and retained to provide a full safety audit trail.

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