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Component Spares and Engineered Spares

HSS markets a complete range of spares for current production types of switchgear as well as for non-current products previously manufactured by Brush Switchgear, FKI Switchgear, Whipp & Bourne Switchgear and South Wales Switchgear.

Component Spares: Component type consumable spares such as fixed and moving contacts, arcing chambers, breathers, etc are available for all ranges of switchgear spanning 40 years of production.

Spares are available for operating mechanisms and associated isolators. These range from trip coils and assemblies, closing solenoids, spring mechanism actuators through to individual components such as mechanism links, spacers, cranks etc.

Gaskets and tank liners are available for most oil circuit breaker types.

Engineered Spares: HSS recognises that switchgear is manufactured for a safe and long life and that during that life-cycle the switchgear may be called upon to fulfil many different functions.

This may involve simply uprating a feeder with higher ratio CT’s, upgrading protection, changing the rating of the circuit (e.g. from 400A to 630A or 1250A), or a complete function change such as from a plain feeder to generation duty in- corporating all G59 requirements.

Modifications may entail the supply of uprated circuit breakers, complete mechanisms, voltage transformers, current transformers, cable boxes, bushings, monoblocs, auxiliary switches, replacement or upgraded bus-bars.

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